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psychic readings


PALM  $50
TAROT  $75

All calls are private, Must be 18 or older, Individual results may vary.

 what reading is right for me? 

a palm reading is a reading centered and focused around you. anything directly connected to you can be revealed with this reading but only if it directly affects you. palm readings are a great choice for a fist time reading and can be done in person or by phone by sending a photo of your palm.

a tarot reading is one of the most detailed readings you can get! going in and out of past, present, future, showing lovers, family, friends, career, and more. this reading doesn't disappoint.  

a crystal reading is done by a powerful psychic able to harness the energy of crystals with the vibrations of your voice to reveal negativity, imbalance, and blockage within your chakra. this reading will also reveal problems within your soulmate and the negative energy of people around you.

a soulmate reading is the absolute best way to get into the mind and spirit of your soulmate. if you are having trouble communicating with your soulmate this reading can help you understand the feeling, emotions, and secrets kept by your soulmate. this reading will reveal bad influences, ill intent, and jealousy surrounding your relationship.

a energy reading allows you and your psychic to connect spiritually, with a brief meditation allowing the psychic to read you on a deeper level to go through your past, present, and future.

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